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What you will learn

Rote Gorgonie

Create underwater photos that look sharp, colorful, and interesting. On every dive!


Learn to use your underwater photography equipment to its full potential instead of buying a new camera.


My 3-step underwater photography system that lets you shoot WITHOUT it feeling hard. As a result, you’ll be relaxed instead of overwhelmed when taking photos.

Female Underwater Photographer with underwater camera in front of the ocean

I want to share my insights with you: because pictures are such a beautiful way to share our passion for the sea with everyone we know!

And the more people we can inspire about the oceans, the better we can protect our oceans!

Romina Bayer

Underwater Photo coach & FOUNDER of Oceansnaps

The Underwater Photography Bootcamp is the only program of its kind that...

...catapults your self-confidence to a new level.

When you know exactly what you’re doing, your self-doubt and feelings of being overwhelmed vanish into thin air.


Get to know your camera and your strobes better than ever before and stop leaving good underwater photos to chance!

Unterwasserfotografin mit Kamera

...connects you with the community that makes you thrive

Egoistic underwater photographers who don’t give each other anything? Not with us!


Together with a small group of ambitious ocean lovers you will learn the secrets of underwater photography. 


In an open and pleasant atmosphere you can ask your questions and connect with like-minded people.


We support, inspire and celebrate each other instead of competing against each other.

...helps you discover your personal underwater photography style.

We deal not only with the basic technique, but with many creative techniques, composition elements and especially the mindset!


Practical exercises, image discussions and specific examples will bring you into the implementation.


All this will help you discover and celebrate your own style.

Flabellina nudibranch

“I really enjoyed Romina’s sessions and especially appreciated the visuals she used to explain different concepts and principles. I highly recommend taking her course. Also, she is very approachable!”

Janet H.

Alumna "The secrets of underwater photography"


After a highly successful kickstart of the “Underwater Photography Bootcamp” in 2022, an English version of the program will start in 2023.


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Romina Bayer Underwater Photographer

Hi, I'm Romina.

I will guide you through the underwater photography bootcamp.

I know from experience how hard it is to create great underwater photos! For years I struggled with it….

But the joke is: it doesn’t have to be that hard.

I created the bootcamp to give you the support I wish I had back then!

In this bootcamp, I’ll share my insights with you, give you clear instructions, practical tips and specific exercises that will help you create underwater images you’ll be proud of!

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

Created with ❤ for the oceans.

Lightroom Live Teaching Mockup

Das Lightroom Live-Teaching

am 23.11.

Lerne deine Unterwasserfotos mit Adobe Lightroom zu bearbeiten!