World Oceans Day- Underwater Photography Series

In this series of 3 webinars you will discover 5 spectacular critters to shoot, an intro to macro photography, and learn how to be a responsible underwater photographer.​

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What you get

You are taking photos underwater and care about the health of our oceans and marine life? Then this is for you!

In this series of online seminars on underwater photography, you will get a chance to discover some spectacular critters and learn how to photograph them.

You have always been wondering how you can improve your photos underwater without having to upgrade to a big and expensive camera? I will share with you some of the most important learnings I’ve had during my time as a professional underwater photographer.

You will learn some incredible facts about marine life that will make you understand how you can take the best shots of critters like nudibranchs, frogfish, octopuses, and many more!

5 Spectacular Critters & How To Shoot Them

In our first webinar, we are exploring some of our ocean’s extraordinary creatures and learn how to photograph them. Get ready for mind-blowing facts and hands-on tips!

Getting Started With Underwater Macro Photography: Nudibranchs

What do nudibranchs have in common with pokemon and what makes them such a great subject for underwater photography? Learn more about the crazy colored sea slugs in this webinar and discover the secret of the perfect nudi shot.

Becoming a Responsible Underwater Photographer

Learn how to take stunning underwater photos without damaging marine life and why ethics are so important in underwater photography.

Level up your Underwater Pictures

Let’s start with this training series 😉