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In this free online training you will learn 5 tips that you will make you come back with better underwater pictures from your next dives.

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What my participants say

Thank you so much for this fun training and all the useful tips! I cannot wait to try them on my next dive!
Cindy M.
I never thought that just changing my perspective could make such a big difference! Thank you! I can't wait to learn more!
Steve P.

Learn how to create better underwater images!

Female Underwater Photographer with underwater camera in front of the ocean

Getting started with underwater photography is exciting but can be overwhelming at times.


If your underwater pictures are not looking the way you want to, these 5 tips can help!


This free training will help you create better pictures on your next dives.


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Romina Bayer Underwater Photographer

Hi, I'm Romina.

I'm an underwater photography coach and the founder of OceanSnaps.

I help aspiring underwater photographers (like you!) to create stunning underwater pictures.


I have created this free Underwater Photography Training to help you create better images on your next dives.

Because I know how frustrating it can be to come back with blueish, blurry or crappy images from your dives. I have been there!


Over the last years I have spend thousands of hours underwater, figuring out how to create stunning pictures. Now I want to share my learnings with you!


Sign up now for the free training and start coming back with better images!

Pictures are an amazing way of sharing your underwater adventures with others!

This Underwater Photo Training is for you, if...

Olympus TG6 underwater settings

Every dive is unique. Every dive is worth being remembered.

What you get

Hands-on tips that you can directly put into practice on your next dive

Useful insights about the mindset you need to adopt in order to start taking breathtaking images underwater

Fun facts about nudibranchs & their superpowers

Ideas and guidance so you can start telling the stories of our oceans

Start Creating Better Underwater Pictures

This free training is your first step 😉

Created with ❤ for the oceans.

Lightroom Live Teaching Mockup

Das Lightroom Live-Teaching

am 23.11.

Lerne deine Unterwasserfotos mit Adobe Lightroom zu bearbeiten!