Pre-Dive Underwater Photo Checklist

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There is nothing more frustrating then a flooded camera or an empty battery on your dive!

With this Pre-Dive Checklist ​you will make sure this never happens to you again!

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Prevent your underwater photography gear from flooding!

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Getting ready for your dive is always exciting and at times can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are an underwater photographer and need to think about all your camera gear on top of your normal scuba equipment.


And let’s be honest: our camera is a bit like our baby! (It costs a fortune, but at least it doesn’t cry…). This is why we want to be extra careful when it comes to handling our underwater camera equipment.


The worst thing that could happen on your dive is to flood your camera! The second worst is probably finally encountering that special species you have been dreaming about (maybe a whale shark? Or is it a blue-ring octopus?), and then realizing that you forgot to take your lens cap off… 


To prevent those little mistakes from happening (and ruining your life…I mean dive), establishing a habit of a pre-dive camera check can help.


As a prudent underwater photographer, you want to perform a pre-dive camera check every single time before you start your dive. 


This checklist will help you! (Feel free to print it and bring it on your next trip!)

Romina Bayer Underwater Photographer

Hi, I'm Romina.

I'm an underwater photography coach and the founder of OceanSnaps.

I help aspiring underwater photographers (like you!) to create stunning underwater pictures.

I have created this free Pre-Dive Camera Checklist to help you get ready for your dives and take care of your underwater photo gear.

Because I know how hectic it can get right before your dive, and you want to make sure you are all set when you have that magic encounter underwater

Honestly: it happened to me before that I forgot to take off my lens cap! But with a good pre-dive check, you can avoid those mistakes!

Pictures are an amazing way of sharing your underwater adventures with others!

Every underwater photo adventures starts with a Pre-Dive Check!


Print the checklist at home and bring it with you on your next dive adventure

Easy to use

The Pre-Dive Camera Checklist gives you an easy-to-use way to prepare your underwater photography gear for your dive

peace of mind

With the checklist you can rest assured that you are not forgetting any critical step in getting ready for your dive

Pre-Dive Underwater Photo Checklist

The Pre-Dive Camera Checklist is for you, if...

Underwater Photography Gear on a boat with ocean in the background

Every dive is unique. Every dive is worth being remembered.

Underwater photography course

Are you ready for those magical underwater moments?

With the you can rest assured that your camera is well prepared for your dive- so you can focus on what really makes you happy: creating those beautiful underwater pictures on your dives!

Created with ❤ for the oceans.

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