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The first step for better underwater pictures...

…is to start shooting in manual mode.


Watch my free training on how to shoot in manual mode.


In this training you will learn the three settings you have to control: ISO, aperture and shutter speed.


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What My Students Say

Romina’s course was just what I was looking for. Before taking the course, I was always shooting in automatic mode. My pictures were often blurry, out of focus, and sometimes completely under-exposed. Romina helped me learn how to use manual settings so I could have more control of my camera and photos and how to compose my shots to make them more dramatic. Her diagrams, practical assignments, and photo review helped reinforce what I was learning. I really appreciated Romina’s personal attention and feedback about my photos. On my first trip after taking the online course with Romina, I used manual mode for almost all of the photos. Because of the class, I felt more comfortable with my camera underwater and was able to change the settings and think about how to take a good photo. I look forward to continuing to practice my new skills and getting better photos as I put everything I learned to use
Alumni "The secrets of udnerwater photography"
Bravo! Thank you for such an amazing presentation, I loved it!!

Create incredible underwater pictures

This training is your first step 😉

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