Student Gallery

The voice of the ocean

Images are powerful: they can tell stories, inspire, and help raise awareness.


I’m incredibly proud of my students and the amazing underwater photographers in our community.


Check out some of their images below!

Wide-angle photography underwater

“Underwater pictures are an amazing way of sharing our passion for the ocean with others, divers and non-divers alike. By showing the beauty and diversity of the underwater world, we can inspire more people to help protect our oceans.”

Romina Bayer

Underwater photography coach and founder of oceansnaps

Underwater photography course

Do you want to improve your underwater photo skills?

No matter if you are starting with underwater photography, or already a seasoned underwater photographer: there is always more to learn!


I created this community to help aspiring underwater photographers and passionate scuba divers create better pictures on their dives.


If you would like to improve your underwater photo skills, reach out to me.


Start learning today with my online course!

Created with ❤ for the oceans.