Underwater Photo Challenge Cards

Leg los - mit den Unterwasserfoto-Challenge-Karten

Start creating better underwater photos!

Werde kreativer mit deiner Unterwasserfotografie - mit inspirierenden, druckbaren Unterwasserfoto Challenges. (derzeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar)


The ultimate way to trigger your creativity underwater!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Olympus TG6 underwater settings

Does that sound familiar to you?

You love taking pictures underwater, but somehow they always turn out the same?


You find yourself stuck with the same shooting style over and over again?


You want to learn how you can get even better pictures, but you don’t want to bury yourself in books?


You want to learn while you’re down there, underwater, where the action happens!


What if you could get a little prompt just before your dive, that will let you apply new compositions and develop your skills on your dive?


Now you can: with the Underwater Photo Challenge Cards!


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For the little extra spice in your underwater photos: The Underwater Photo Challenge Cards

Nudibranch filling the frame

The Challenge Topics: Composition

Composition can make or break an image.


It is the kind of stuff that you want to keep practicing, no matter if you are a total beginner or a seasoned underwater photographer.


With the Underwater Photo Challenge Cards, you will get to know 9 different compositional concepts that will help you create better underwater photos.


Each card explores a different composition rule, shows you examples, and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to complete the challenge on your dive.

Plus: you also get prompts so you can herauszufinden how you did on the challenge.


All you need to complete the challenges is your underwater Kamera. (External lights are only required for one of the challenges, but will help with all of them.)

Start composing beautiful underwater images with the Underwater Photo Challenge Cards!

Easy to use

The printable Underwater Photo Challenge Cards are easy to use: Read a card, print it, bring it with you on the boat and complete the challenge underwater. You get clear step-by-step instructions on how to apply each compositional concept to your photos.


Suited for tropical dive destinations as well as cold water diving

different levels of difficulty

Suited for beginners as well as seasoned underwater photographers. The concepts covered in the Underwater Photo Challenge Cards are the kind of stuff you want to keep practicing, no matter where you are on your journey of underwater photography.


Trigger your creativity with the challenges and you can forget about boring dives!

Underwater Photo Challenge Cards

Start composing beautiful underwater images with the Underwater Photo Challenge Cards!

The cards are for you, if...

Wie die Buchung funktioniert

Learn to apply the rules on your dive!

Each Underwater Photo Challenge Card is beautifully designed and crafted with a lot of love.

Explanation how the Underwater Photography Challenge Cards work

1) Title

The name of the photography concept.

2) Legend

The legend gives you an overview of the difficulty level, the equipment needed and whether it is suited for macro or wide-angle subjects (or both).

3) Description

This is where the concept is explained. Every challenge card covers a different underwater photography concept around composition.

4) Examples

Example images give you an idea of what your pictures could look like.

5) Challenge

The Challenge part is giving you step-by-step instructions to complete the challenge, It is divided into a section “On the dive” and “Analyze”, which you can complete after you come back from your dives to evaluate your pictures.

Pictures are an amazing way of sharing your adventures with others!

Romina Bayer Underwater Photographer

Hey, ich bin Romina.

I'm an underwater photography coach and the founder of OceanSnaps.

I help aspiring underwater photographers (like you!) to create stunning underwater pictures.


I have created the Underwater Photo Challenge Card as a tool to help you get into action.


Because underwater photography is all about practice, and what better way to learn it than by completing challenges and “learning by doing“.


The cards come in a compact printable format (A4), so you can bring them with you on your next dive adventure and review them right before your dive.


With the cards you stay completely flexible: this set is designed in a way that the challenges can be completed in both tropical dive destinations and cold water.

What you need

camera (in underwater housing)

The are designed to be completed with your camera in an underwater housing (any camera, compact cameras and up).


The Underwater Photo Challenge Cards come in a digital, printable format (A4). Print them at home to bring them with you on the dive boat.

open mind

Underwater Photography is all about having fun! Keep an open mind on your dives and experiment with different techniques and compositions!

Every dive is unique. Every dive is worth being remembered.

Underwater photography course

Are you up for the underwater photo challenge?

Die Underwater Photo Challenge Cards give you 9 exciting composition challenges that you can complete underwater, on your dives.


Have fun und get better at what you love doing: creating beautiful pictures on your dives!

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Lightroom Live Teaching Mockup

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Lerne deine Unterwasserfotos mit Adobe Lightroom zu bearbeiten!