Free Underwater Photography Resources

The only way you are going to improve your underwater photography skills is by learning more and practicing.

To help you get started, I have created those free resources for you.

Underwater Photography Webinars

Discovering Lembeh

Lembeh is often called 'the critter capital of the world'. Discover some of the bizzare critters you can find there, and learn how to shoot them. This webinar was conducted in cooperation with Lembeh Resort, Indonesia.

Underwater Photography Webinar 5 tips

5 Tips for better underwater pictures

In this free online training, you will learn 5 tips that will make you come back with better underwater pictures from your next dives!

Underwater Photography Webinar_Manual mode

Start shooting in Manual Mode

Are you feeling overwhelmed by manual mode? You don't have to! After this training you will understand the three settings you control in manual mode: ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

Underwater Photography Webinar Series

World Oceans Day Series

This is a series of 3 webinars, where you will discover 5 spectacular critters to shoot, an intro to macro photography, and how to be a responsible underwater photographer.

Underwater Photography Webinar Exploring Indonesia's Macro Life

Exploring Indonesia's Macro Life

Macro Photography is a great way to get started with underwater photography! This webinar was conducted in cooperation with OceanStories by Dive Ninjas, Mexico.

Underwater Photography Webinar Tauchen Interview

Interview with TAUCHEN (in German)

In this interview with the German Magazine TAUCHEN, I am sharing 5 tips for better underwater images.

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