Private underwater photography coaching

Romina has been teaching underwater photography for years and is keen on sharing her knowledge with you.

Private coaching session are your chance to unleash your full potential as an underwater photographer.

Tailored to your needs

In the private underwater photography coaching sessions we can take a closer look at exactly what you need to take your underwater pictures to the next level. We can discuss a variety of topics, such as e.g. editing, whitebalance, lighting, macro photography or wide-angle photography.

Get feedback from a professional underwater photographer

By sharing your screen we can work together on your photos and you will instantly see the results. Get tips and action steps based on your photos and learn how to take your photos to the next level.

The private coaching allowed me to focus on the things I was most struggling with and get some hands-on advice on how to improve. I was able to see the results straight away!

Amanda D.

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