5 Ways to Connect with the Ocean during Isolation

Romina Bayer

Deepen your love for the ocean

For many of us, it is still frustrating, that we cannot go scuba diving or on a dive trip at the moment. Here come 5 ideas on how you can still connect with the ocean, even though you cannot go underwater.

Are you ready?

Watch a movie or documentary about the seas

There are many ways to get inspired, but one of the easiest ones is to watch other people achieve incredible things. If you’re looking for a list of ocean-themed documentaries, I have some suggestions for you.

Expand your knowledge

There are many great resources out there that will help you learn more about the seas and marine life. You could read a book, watch a documentary, or take an online course. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it’s going to get your excitement about our oceans up.

Connect with the ocean by learning more about critters

Sort through your pictures

If not now, when? Some of you might know the problem: you go on a dive trip, shoot millions of photos but when you get back home you never seem to find the time to actually sort through them and select the best ones. Now is your moment to shine! So get down in that pile of RAW footage and come back out on the other side with only the best ones!

Edit your pictures

First comes sorting, then comes editing. Because let’s be honest, not every picture is worth saving. A great way to do it is to rate your photos first, and then only edit the best ones with the highest ratings. 

Take care of your underwater photo equipment

It might not seem obvious, because, in the end, you might not be using your underwater housing and your strobes at the moment, but this gives you a great opportunity to actually clean your housing properly and replace the o-rings. Not the most fun part of taking photos, but it’s still part of it. And let’s be honest, better replace that o-ring now while you still can, than have your housing leak on your next trip.   

Get excited about your next dive trip

Don’t worry, the time where we can finally get back in the water will come. And when it does, I hope you are ready and inspired to get back underwater, feel more connected with the ocean and take some amazing photos on your dives!

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