Meet Romina Bayer

Help save our oceans with your underwater pictures

Okay, that is a pretty big goal, I admit. But hey, ‘dream big’ they said. So I did.

Romina Bayer

Hey, I’m Romina.

As an underwater photography coach and scuba instructor, I deeply care for the future of our oceans. And I believe that every one of us can make a difference.

Gorgonian seafan in the ocean

My Calling

I want to inspire you to tell the stories of our oceans through stunning underwater pictures.

Sweetlips with a sunburst

My vision is to create a world, where every woman, man and child feels connected to our oceans. Because we are.

My Core Values


Love it, or leave it. Passion is what drives me.


The higher goal is to protect our oceans.


Every one of us can make a difference. You may be just a drop. But together, we form an ocean.

Underwater photography is an amazing way to share the beauty of the underwater world. If you are a diver, you know how magical it feels to spend a serene encounter with a mobula ray or to admire the sheer colors of an abundant coral reef.

I want to help you to take better pictures on your dives, so you can capture those unique moments & share them with every one you love (and the ones you don’t!).

Because the more people we can inspire, the more people will fall in love with the oceans, and the more people will protect them.

And our oceans need every single one of us to love and protect them.

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